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Monday, 5 August 2013

Lysefjord, Norway



Although a bit of a stray from more of the glammed up posts that I have previously uploaded, just as awesome ;) After a combo of writers block and laziness, I hereby present to y'all a travel post of my recent trip to Norway. This Summer I went back to 1/2 of my home countries and it was absolutely amazing - nothing beats the familiar sights and sounds of the place that you call home.

When in Norway, the fam usually picks out a place in the country that we have never been to and set off on a road trip. This time we found ourselves hiking up the breath-taking fjords of Lysefjord (yes, we Norsemen & women love our fjords). The hike consisted of a two day journey, the first trailing to a world famous place called Preikestolen, or Pulpit rock. It took about two hours to hike up, and once we got there we enjoyed the spectacular view from this 604m cliff.

Day 2's hike had us heading up to a famous bolder in the land known as kjeragbolten. Basically, its a glacial deposit stone that's wedged in between two mountains, and dare devils, such as myself (wink wink), hike a 6 hour round trip to reach it and enjoy the crisp and fresh air of the fjord and finally, only the brave will attempt for a new Facebook profile picture by standing on it. Not gonna lie, although I seemed pretty confident in the picture, my heart was definitely pounding away, not having any protection to support me from falling off a 984m cliff.

All in all, it was a great hike, and if your ever considering doing something a little different, I definitely would recommend Lysefjord for you!


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