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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Potter Mania

Hey dolls! Apologies for the blogging hiatus, I've been overwhelmed with coursework and whatnot lately. However, last week of classes has finally finished, leaving me with 5 months of vacation, and a whole lotta time on my hands! I leave London next week and start my summer firstly en route to Germany and secondly to the island of Hawaii, so expect more posts in the coming weeks!

Since I will still be in London for a couple more days, I thought that I'd recommend one of my favourite tourist attractions! One of the main stereotypes I had associated with the UK before actually coming up here was that it was the land of tea and Harry Potter. Being an enormous Potter fan (having read all the books and watched all the movies countless times) one of the first things that I saw, way before Buckingham palace, London Eye, was the Warner brothers studio tour that had recently opened. 

I spent over three hours being enticed by all the familiar sights seen in the movies around me and relived my childhood/teenagedom by entering Hagrid's hut, lurking around Snape's potion class and snapping a million shots by Diagon alley. If your still in London or will be in London for the summer or if ever in the future, I highly recommend you visiting the tour and seeing the magic from the movies being translated into reality! 

Tickets can be booked online, click here to do so.

Hogwarts forever <3

P.S. Any Potter fans out there that recognize these photos? Also, stop by the souvenir shop on your way out, temptation to spend will be all around you!


  1. good job Ang! it is my 'must visit' place ;)

    1. Yes, you must! It's totally worth the money :)