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Saturday, 13 April 2013

The Invisible Man

Maria Grazia Chiuri & Pierpaolo Picciolo (Valentino) 

Jean Paul Gaultier

Alber Elbaz (Lanvin)

Yours truly (pathetically) trying to blend into one of Liu Bolin's exhibits

Angela Missoni (Missoni)

As I have lived in Shanghai for 15 years of my life, it's basically become home to me.
 During my time in Shangers I have witnessed the city grow and change a lot, and over the years it has increasingly developed into a more international, open and modern city. This is no exception to the creative individuals, as there has been a tangible flare of talent in the field of art.

Liu Bolin, or in his native language, 刘勃麟, is one of my favourite Chinese artists that has continuously gained recognition all over the world. He is acclaimed for painting himself and blending into background as a means of political expression, hence the nickname 'the invisible man'. His idea was fuelled by the destruction of the artist village in Beijing, and in response he painted himself into the village ruins background as a form of silent protest; some of his work is so well camouflaged that it is a bit tricky in locating him-effectively proving his artistic message.

His 'Hiding in the city' series is focused on himself blending into typically Communist slogans, pointing out that Chinese citizens are over exposed to these slogans as educational tools, and in the process cease to pay attention to the effects on the public. He has also gone abroad and created a second part to the series in New York and Italy. In the summer of 2012, I was fortunate enough to visit his exhibition in Shanghai and fell in love with all his work. I admire his endurance and the lengthy process of painting himself in order to prove a point and move people with his art.

Liu Xiaobo's hard work has paid off as his talent led to a collaboration with Bazaar magazine and as the message is all about losing himself into the background to prove a point, he has inspired huge designers i.e. Missoni, Valentino and Jean Paul Gaultier to lose themselves in their own work. Photos were all photographed by him, for the full article, click here

If you have a bit of time on your hands he's definitely worth a Google/Yahoo/Search engine of your choice! ;)

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